90 Day Chronological Bible reading Challenge

So, my life is busy, and I am loving it.  When it rains it pours, and that means that Spring is coming.  With all my big girls getting married and moving out to their own homes and having their own families, my home life shifts.  On top of that I have to be intentional to connect with each of them in their busy homemaking lives.  I love watching them with their spouses, and children.  I love hearing how they are making their lives one with each other, and starting their parenting experiences.  It truly is a joy to watch them on the good and the bad days place their faith in God Almighty.

My sons are also spreading their wings and flying out of the nest.  They are learning the balance of providing for others Spiritually and Physically.  They are growing and changing, and thank goodness they come home and see their mom now and again.  I love seeing them mature and I love the smiles on their faces as God directs the course of their lives.

I still have eight children at home.  It is hard to believe but soon my youngest will be seven.  The time is so short to hold these little ones and to show them in a real and physical way the love the our heavenly Father has for them.  I hope and pray I don’t waste a minute of it.

Recently, Jeremy and I find ourselves in a place of blessing through the opportunity to share our lives and home with others in our community.  We are so grateful to be used of God, as we seek to minister to our family and friends.

Life is full, blessed, and busy.  But, we don’t want the busyness of life to distract from our relationship with God and His Word.  In fact, it is our firm believe that during these seasons of life we need to drink daily from the Word of God, so that we can stand strong, discern truth, defend justice, and know His voice.  So, as a family we are taking on another Bible Reading challenge.

This time we are using an app.  Here is a link to the challenge we are doing.  If you want to join us, we are just getting started.  If we have time we will post some blogs about how our journey through God’s World is going, and how it impacts our lives.

90 Day Chronological Bible Challenge

May Yehovah bless the reading of His Word.


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