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Sometimes, I don’t want to do Bible study or read my Bible.  Sometimes, I just have other things I want to do.  I neglect my quiet time with God and my personal Bible study time.  That is why I am excited that my family is doing another 90 day Bible reading challenge this summer.  We are reading the whole New Testament  together this summer.  No, the Bible reading challenge doesn’t replace my personal Bible time.  But when we do the 90 day challenge it gets me into the Bible.  The simplicity of reading the Bible together and discussing it helps me remember how easy it is to simply read YHVH’s (God’s) Holy Word, and be still before Him.  It reminds me that I do love His Word, and that it satisfies me more than any earthly thing.

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Another reason I love doing the 90 day challenge is it shows discipline.  By watching my parents be disciplined in setting time aside each night (which isn’t easy with big kids always running around)  to read together, and to encourage others by blogging and posting about it, it shows me the exact example I need.  I encourages me to set aside my personal time for God’s Word each day.

psalms 119 3

I DO love studying God’s Word.

I DO love reading His Word.


Often this world can suck me in, and trick ,e into believing I don’t enjoy the things of God, or His Word.  But if I stay disciplined and read His Word each day, and pray then I can with stand the evil lies of this world.

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